Desktop Effects Part 2, Simple Compiz Settings Manager Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala [MPEG]

This is a vid that will show you some of the many desktop effects and how to set them in a fast and easy way. Read more »

How to use Window Placement, Ubuntu Jaunty

Here is a manual to make applications start in a specified workspace using CompizConfig Settings Manager (example: Evolution Mail starts at Workspace 1, Firefox at Workspace 2, Virtualbox at Workspace 3 etc). To do this both Compiz and CompizConfig Settings Manager needs to be installed. Read more »

Compiz Fusion Part 2, The Cube.

Here is the second part of our Compiz Fusion manual thingy, here we will show you how to enable the Desktop Cube and the Rotate Cube. Read more »

Eye Candy Applications

Eye Candy Applications refer to the decoration of the graphical user interface. These can be add-on icons, themes, wallpapers, 3-D effects, etc. Gnome Eye-Candy Resources * Gnome Look has wallpapers, splash screens, icons, and themes for windows managers (including Metacity and Compiz) and other applications. Read more »

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