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Create Window Placement Rule Using Compiz Fusion On Ubuntu 10.10 "Maverick Meerkat"


Another nice feature of Compiz Fusion is Window Placement. This feature allows you to create rules for programs to be opened on another desktop (open Firefox on desktop 1, Evolution mail on desktop 2 and so on). I will show you how to create a rule to open your calculator on desktop 4. You can replace the calculator for any other program you want to create the rule for.



The Place Windows plugin provides some basic window placement algorithms, to place windows at a natural and sensible place when created.

Some features are:

Cascade places windows in a cascade, starting from the top left hand corner of the screen

Centered places all windows in the center of the screen

Smart places windows to avoid overlapping other windows on screen as much as it can

Maximize places windows in the center, and maximized by default when placed

Random places windows anywhere in the work area


Window Placement Info page here


Open your CompizConfig Settings Manager (System -> Preferences -> CompicConfig Settings Manager)


Scroll down and click on Place Windows


Mark Enable Place Windows then click on the Fixed Window Placement tab


Click on the New button


To assign a desktop you need to change the X Viewport Positions. Now i will show you how to open your calculator on desktop number 4. Change the X Viewport Positions to 4


Now open your calculator (Applications -> Accessories -> Calculator)



Now Click on the Grab button, your mouse pointer will change into a nice white cross


Now click anywhere on the calculator window  but don't click on the window title


Click on the Add button


Now click on the Close button


Now you are done, to see if it works restart your calculator and if all went well it should open on Desktop 4.